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An inferiority

At the child the inferiority complex, feeling of the insolvency can be developed.An inferiority complex one of the most difficult moral shortcomings of the person complicating his communication with other people and creating heavy internal health burdening the person.Origin of negative personal educations.In moral development, as well as in everyone the friend, carries out conflict of opposites.Our life experience is escaped often by possibility of direct supervision of what values of human culture define positive achievements of the personality as there is a conflict of opposites and how in the personality there are negative educations.

Write, read

Children always would like somethin and it is more, more, but it is necessary for us to teach them to a reasonable choice, he still very much is useful in life.Make the list of such hoteniye.If the young person himself is not able to write yet write under his dictation.Write, read that already wrote down, ask that it would be necessary to write down still, correct at his desire.If the person is able to write let itself and writes down.Tell I want to orient, I would like to know how to plan our purchases, Think that you would like most of all, and write down.Let writes to a column, at numbers.Let brings there everything everythingeverything that it would be desirable to get.

These recommendations

The kid should sleep on a back or on one side.These recommendations were based on long researches which showed that children sleeping on a stomach, are more subject emergence of a syndrome of sudden infantile death.After there were these recommendations, the number of children who have died of a syndrome of sudden infantile death was reduced by %.For tranquillity finding in this question discuss it with the pediatrist.Keep a bed of the child in order.In a cot there should not be protective rugs, pillows, blankets, toys and other subjects.

I never was interested

Konradtkak children adjust otosheniye with a landscapeI walked generally on the gulf.It was still when there was a groveand trees ashore.In a grove there were many interesting places.To everyone I thought upthe name.Also there were many paths confused, as a labyrinth.All my campaignswere limited to the nature.I never was interested in houses.Perhaps, it is uniform ~the front door of my house in the city with two doors was a stvenny exception.As entrance in the house was two, this was closed.The front door was light, howled ~zhenny blue tiles also made impression of the glazed hall and ~vavshy freedom to imaginations.

In any case

At inversion intonation, sense changes.Black pencil Pencil black Tall person of People high The teacher shifts cards, he notices, as far as these movings carry away the child.In any case children have a consciousness of a usual place of an adjective in the offer.This important grammatical knowledge.Terminations The following exercise is connected with the terminations and helps to realize properties of an adjective.Two series on adjectives in everyone masculine genders, female, averages and in plural and two more series on adjectives in all patrimonial and numerical forms.

It consists

Even if to lower a question of their low level of the artexecutions, there will be the main problem.It consists that all this ispurchased, and therefore involves undesirable consequences.Vo~pervykh, a choice of objects of a collecting is made not ~ children according to their psychological requirements, and infusion ~ it is imposed to them from the outside by means of advertizing.It no other than GRU ~by manipulation with consciousness of children, especially dangerous that children's consciousnessthere is in a condition of formation and during this age period a wasp ~to Benno it is subject to influence of social standards.

Speech gradually

Therefore Andryusha from time to time declares A spoon, a talelka not so.It is necessary the uncle, Alenka.Mastering by speech has huge value for the different parties of mental development of the child.Speech gradually becomes the major transmission medium to the child of public experience, management of its activity from adults.Under the influence of speech mental processes of the child are reconstructed.However process of mastering by speech, in turn, depends on development of activity of the child, from his perception and thinking.

So, the child

Ability to carry a word to subjects designated by them and actions comes to the child far not at once.At first the understanding belongs to a complete situation, instead of to a concrete subject or action.So, the child can carry out quite accurately by a word certain actions at communication with one person at all not to react to the same words said by other adult.If the oneyearold kid at the desire of mother shows a head, a nose, eyes, legs and some other parts of a body, it can not react to a similar request of other people.

In them features

Results of independent activity, especially the drawings created by the child on a plan are much more important.So, children's drawings served many researchers as a material for conclusions about the different parties of mental development of the child.In them features of perception of children and ideas developing at them of represented subjects are expressed.For example, on drawings it is possible to see, what role in formation of ideas of subjects is played by own actions of the child with these subjects usually in drawings those features with which the child got acquainted in the course of action are emphasized.

However the known

Gradually graphic images become more and more corresponding to a real subject.However the known tendency to fixing of habitual graphic images is inherent in children's drawing.Under certain conditions it turns images into the stiffened templates.Graphic templates represent very strong educations as they meet elementary requirements of the image and find recognition at surrounding people.Widespread templates are images of lodges, flowers, trees, etc.Similar templates possess surprising survivability for decades they pass from father to son.

The special

Toys as a lever on the moral party of the identity of the child.The special place among toys is occupied by dolls and images of animals bears, hares, monkeys, cats, etc.Originally the child carries out only those actions which it accepts the adult with a doll swings a doll, carries it in a carriage, puts in a bed.It first of all podrazhatelny actions, instead of image of the relations of adults.Further the adult offers the child a doll or a toy animal as object for emotional communication.

Joint efforts

Joint efforts they quickly find atcollar mass of remarkable properties with which children would like right there ~.It appeared that it is possible to go for a drive on the gate which has been built in gate,it is possible to climb to the very top of gate, it is possible to squeeze through their lattice thereand back, and as the area of gate bi on them can at the same timeto hang all children's company.From these general opening children quickly passedto research of that it is possible to take from game with gate personally for itselfit is possible to go for a drive on them with bigger or smaller speed and scope, beauty ~ itself, it is possible to creak a gate what other children did not guess, it is possibleto hang on a crossbeam of gate headfirst and even blindly,causing admiration and envy of friends the courage.

From the point

Certainly, similar remarks do not clear up a plot.From the point of view of psychology, such lessons do not promote training.Experimental part.Reading aloud We attach huge significance to intelligent readin but we offer children small books which it is possible to read at first independently, in a whisper, and then, having understood properly the contents aloud, clearly and accurately.It is surprisin as absolutely simple books so long keep attention of pupils, inspire them to reread simple texts again and again.

The typical

On a measuregrowing of people loses a children's spontaneity in contacts with ~zhayushchy world.At it appears own and rather difficultinner world, and also ability to conscious management of theattention which provides possibility of a choice of a place psycho ~logic stay or in itself, or outside in the outside world.The typical adult aspires to slip away from this the world, where to it in thisthe moment uncomfortably, in another.And only conscious purposeful workover itself allows it to rise by qualitatively new level of regulationsincere life.

Drawing is typical

~ It is drawing threeyear ~Shurik Ignatyev's chik, published in an album Children of the block ~ draw.Drawing is typical and at the same time interesting to, how small ~the Torahs, already opened for itself sign function of drawin usesold karakulny forms for the decision absolutely new, already a symbol ~chesky task.The threeyear starving blockade child tries ~ the attitude to tell that he sees round itselfhimself and aboutthan dreams.Drawing is called It is war, and in the middle a roll.Heretwo protagonists.They express two main ideas.

To understand, how to operate

You are upset with something.No, it is not upset! Probably, simply angry.It is very important to child to understand an own condition.What for At least then, that is highgrade to live it and to be released.To understand, how to operate the useful and harmful emotions.That know that the bad it at Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.goes and leaves.Mother's claims, father's grumble, sobthe stvenny irritation it is temporary, it happens to all,and the love and understanding remain.And when your young person realizes it, you can really can to help really it.

Put a chair

Put a pencil about a writingbook.Put a pencil under a writingbook.Put a green bead in a box.Put a green bead on a box.Put beads in the middle of a box.Put beads between counters.Put a table opposite to a window.Put a table near a window.Series BLay out a red counter from a box.Put a red counter in a box.Put a chair at a door.Put a chair behind a door.Put the friend opposite to a table.Put the friend near a table.Place chairs along a door.Place chairs opposite to a door.Put a writingbook over the handle.Put a writingbook ahead of the handle.

The child

Try to hold a part of wakefulness it on hands in polusidyachy situation.The child will look with great pleasure at subjects surrounding it.Loud sounds can frighten the kid, but sometimes it with astonishment looks around for a sound source.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a stomach, can hold the head of degrees lifted at an angle within several seconds the muscular tone increasesSense organs and reflexes shudders at unexpected noiseIntellectual development watches movements of the hands Social development is raised in expectation of actions known to it answers with a smile a smile is awake at communication with surrounding people more long Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

But the speech

Any animal does not possess it.It is established that, reacting to verbal teams, animals catch only length of words and intonation, they do not distinguish speech sounds.By nature the child receives a structure of the hearing aid and the corresponding sites of the nervous system, suitable for distinction of speech sounds.But the speech hearing develops only in the course of assimilation of this or that language under the direction of adults, and the speech hearing appears adapted for features of native speech.The child has no from the birth of any forms of the behavior peculiar to the adult person.

The Vo~pervykh, all children

With terrible places, described in this , such lavatorymakes related some characteristic features.The Vo~pervykh, all children and many adults are afraid to fail there andalready never to get out.From the point of view of the adult, this fear has ~not the real bases in view of a usual hlipkost of these constructions, ~gradually big holes and frightening prospect which is visible in these from ~verstiya.But at the child natural this sort of fears are supporteddeeper experiences of early age having almost magicians ~chesky force.

It is not necessary

On a carpet with a construction material Ira plays.Ira starts to build the steamship, Vladek joins it.Build together, without arrangin silently.Putting a brick to a brick, extend a long skeleton of the steamship the usual beginning for construction of steamships in this group, familiar to both children.Valya approaches, starts to do of bricks in the middle of the steamship any turret.It is not necessary Vladek speaks.Bringing down continues to build.It is not necessary so it is angry Vladek speaks here people will sit, it is not necessary to do so.It not so does.


Everything can go to a mouth that will get to the kid on a way from a father's tie to a mother's beads.Be attentive, preserve the child against subjects dangerous to it.Calm periods During the day the child can have calm periods.At this time the child indulges in independent games.Now he can play with itselfhimself for a long time.Children still like to watch persons, they especially like to consider eyes.At this time the child starts to be interested in your body and clothes! If the kid wanted to take a nap, surely put it in a bed.

This support

It can be saddened, run into contradictions, mistakes, without noticing it, but the one and only unnoticed mistake is capable to cast it into some kind of insanity, a deadly perversion.But there is a rescue way, to reason, as well as spirit, support is necessary not to become puzzled.This support proceeds not from sense organs.Clarification which will cure a blindness is necessary.Care of which modern hygiene recommends for a body we we spend for it so much time, clearing and polishing completely, it is necessary also to an inner world that it kept the health and integrity.

Movings Already

Change water in a vase in which you put yesterday flowers.Change water in a vase where you put yesterday flowers.Choose from all fabrics a fabric which is most of all similar to your clothes.Choose from all fabrics that which is most of all similar to your clothes.Choose among all loose leaves the loose leaf for drawing.Choose the loose leaf among what use for drawing.Movings Already in exercises on the analysis the pronoun role in the offer was clearly shown to replace a noun.Children did the second of the first phrase, replacing a noun with a pronoun.Movings help to realize a pronoun place in the offer, use options.

Store matches

Clean from the kid and store in a place inaccessible to it knifes, glasses and other kitchen utensils which represents potential danger.Store matches and lighters in a place inaccessible to the kid.Refrain from use of cloths.The child can pull for cloth edge, and the subjects being on a table, will fall to it.Decorative magnets which attach to the refrigerator, arrange at height inaccessible to the kid.Children often are interested in colourful figures and AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK SAFETY of the CHILD FROM HOUSEHOLD POISONS MATUREDOur preventions will help you to secure the child against influence of household poisons, at that time when it will start to move independently.

He answered

So, one first grader could not answer a question in any way, how many will be, if to one to add one more.He answered that five, three, ten.But when for it set purely practical task How many will be at you money if the father gave you one ruble and mother one ruble the boy, without reflecting almost, answered Certainly, two! We know that formation of steady shsmshntchchshny interests is promoted by conditions of systematic preschool training.However even in these conditions the part of children intellectual passivity, and for its overcoming is required profound individual work with the child.

In reactions

Everyday supervision confirm,that in each of these versions, whatever wild it seemed first,there is a grain of truth.In particular, the validity of some versions from ~ proves to be true remarks of passing by children of adults andstatements of women which talked on a bench.In reactions of these people of the interested observer first of allstrike two moments.Vo~pervykh, this frank disrespect for the child.It is a deep basis of unwillingness of adults to rise into place ~the benka, at least for an instant to be identified with it to understand itrequirements and motives of its acts and actions.

Spices and chocolate

Other aspects.If you nurse the child, it is necessary to pay attention to products which you eat.Many food components arriving with parent milk, can cause feeling sick of the child.Spices and chocolate which are eaten by mother, can cause disorder of digestion in the child.Caffeine in chest milk can result in irritability or sleeplessness of the kid.Spices, chocolate and coffee is only small list of products which can cause undesirable reactions in the child.Reception of medicines and i feeding.Research of the majority of medicines specifies that the drugs not compatible to chest feedin is not a lot of.


The pediatrist can the river aI to change WEEK a diet and to give to the child the preparations restoring electrolytic balance of an organism, for completion of the lost volume of liquid.TOYS AND GAMES ON th WEEK The child continues to be trained by means of toys.Bright colors, the courageous decisions, an interesting structure and a pleasant sound force it to smile and help to study.The child asks silences.At this time the child starts to bend a face, to yawn, be capricious or cry.He was tired of game.Do not pass this moment.The child gives you the help to understanding of its problem.

Haller, an ovulist, the authoritative

They always existed as the created bodies in the ancestors, starting from the very beginnin since the beginning of the beginnings.Haller, an ovulist, the authoritative physiologist, the author of the wellknown book Elementa physiologiae, resolutely defended the principles Nulla est epigenesis, nulla in corpore animalipars ante aliam facta est,, that is anything new it is impossible to create et omnis simul creatae existunt, any part of a body of an animal is not created before the others, everything was created at the same time.Having counted up leaning on a bible cosmogony, how many people should contain in Eve, Haller's yaichnik even calls exact number billions.

The first

However from time to time, having been satiated with own game, the kid starts to look at how other child plays.Interest to game of the contemporary just also leads to attempts of establishment of a certain relationship.The first forms of relationship are shown in aspiration of the child to come nearer to anotherto the child to play with it nearby, in desire to concede a part of the place occupied for the game, in the timid smile, presented to another the moment when children will meet the eyes.Such light contacts yet do not change the being of game each child plays in itself, whenever possible observing discipline of distance.

Who has these

Ittreats and other sections.Thus, it is possible to define experimentally with accuracy of which I and did not dream, tendencies of children and, having provided them the necessary material, to judge depending on age level of their intellectual development.Means, it is possible to define precisely development tools, to establish true compliance between incentives and internal needs of pupils.Who has these incentives, will easily manage to keep natural development of mental life of the child and to create free school.Developing materials are necessary only asway beginning Organizing the external developing environment, we should keep a material print of internal development.

Therefore Buratino

Therefore Buratino and Snow White always good, kind, fair and honest, and Karabas and Sorcerer bad, malicious, unfair and false.It is interesting that in fairy tales heroes do not bear in themselves all set of positive lines which the child then to it attributes as well as villains have no big set of negative fig.Thanks to that that dolls heroes of fairy tales bear in themselves an etalonnost of moral shape, the child focuses to it all the moral experience and loses plots with problem situations of the interpersonal relations.


Twirled it wheels.The cheerful small yellow bus went to roll the passengers.Glowworm and sphere of the public relations After three years the child starts to master the sphere actively human relations.It, perhaps, most, difficult part of the world, which it is necessary to adapt to the kid – the sphere public, the social.How the young person will be entered in it, finally depends, in what relations it will be with the world of people and with the inner world.He should know how to make that or it.

The main

Empirical material on the basis of which these conclusions, with ~ become during the long period which has been stretched almost for years.The main methods of collection of information were the included supervision forbehavior of children in a natural situation, long deep an inter ~I twist with children and the adults remembering the childhood, written time ~vernuty answers of informants to the questions put by me all in thisto work more than hundred people took part.Naturally, to it predshestvo ~shaft careful psychological analysis and my own nurseries ~pominaniye which is usually necessary in similar research.

The child

Children experience difficulties with a zasypaniye in this age.The night dream becomes uneasier.The kid spins and crawls, yet will not rest the head against a bed wall, having got, thus, to a desperate situation for it.If the kid started to rise on legs, that, having woken up at night, it rises, holding a bed side.The kids who only have begun independently to rise, yet do not know the mechanism of return to a starting position.The child falls by buttocks only if it fell.So the kid who has risen on legs in a bed, cannot back fall.It costs and cries.

During this

It creates possibility to use speech as the main learning tool of the reality inaccessible to a firsthand experience of the child.Considering it, the tutor should is directed to direct development of ability of the child to listen and understand the speech which is not relating to a concrete situation.Development of active speech of the child till one and a half years occurs slowly.During this period it acquires from to wordsalso uses them very seldom.After one and a half years usually sharp change is observed.The child becomes initiative.

The pupil

And all this we demand from the pupil of elementary school, thus infinitely we correct his pronunciation! It is clear, why reading becomes that rock about which the lost the way ship of modern school breaks.The pupil understanding the written text, when reading about itself, and then demonstrating at work understanding of sense read here a basis of our method.The understanding arising at children so easily and simply as all their actions, proved to us that they are capable to understand.Gradually we managed to establish grade levels, the difficulties arising on a way.

There is a morbidity

Illness of cat's scratch What is such.An illness of cat's scratch this infectious disease which is transferred through a sting or scratch from a cat.In a place of injury of skin abscess abscess can be created.The inflammation, characteristic for an illness of cat's scratch, extends from an infection place on lymphatic vessels to lymph nodes.Appreciable for the patient and the doctor of change of lymph nodes come in two weeks from the moment of a sting.There is a morbidity in congestion places .They can be increased, but always remain soft.The child quickly gets tired, becomes languid, apathetic, body temperature often raises.

All course

The person should work irrespective of, what his moods and desires at present.All course of labor actions should be subordinated to receiving the planned result.Therefore process of work happens to some extent difficult, connected with tension, efforts, overcoming of external and internal obstacles.A certain knowledge, the skills allowing the person to receive the set product are necessary for participation in each type of work.All these features of labor activity define a circle of requirements to mental qualities of the person.

My class is pleasant

Movings If we clean a card with the union, we destroy communication between words and parts of the offer, so, let to the child possibility know an union role.Bring the handle and a pencil.Bring the handle or a pencil.Bring the handle a pencil.You can silently press a piano key if you will make it slowly.You can silently press a piano key, will make it slowly.My class is pleasant to me, because it beautiful.My class because is pleasant to me, it beautiful.Lessons and orders of a subject the unionsUnions and, or, …, but connectin dividin adversative.

Nobody can prepare

Rather will have similar qualities what internal life developed normally, according to laws of the provident nature, being organized and forming the personality.To be ready to fight means not to fight since the birth, but strong Strong to be always more vigorous.Heroes become, only having made heroic effort.The tests expecting us in life, are unpredictable, unexpected.Nobody can prepare us for it outright.Only the strong soul is ready to everything.To provide normal development to a growing organism, it is necessary to give that corresponds to momentary internal requirement.


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