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But the speech

But the speech Any animal does not possess it.

It is established that, reacting to verbal teams, animals catch only length of words and intonation, they do not distinguish speech sounds.

By nature the child receives a structure of the hearing aid and the corresponding sites of the nervous system, suitable for distinction of speech sounds.

But the speech hearing develops only in the course of assimilation of this or that language under the direction of adults, and the speech hearing appears adapted for features of native speech.

The child has no from the birth of any forms of the behavior peculiar to the adult person.

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The Vo~pervykh, all children

The Vo~pervykh, all childrenWith terrible places, described in this , such lavatorymakes related some characteristic features.

The Vo~pervykh, all children and many adults are afraid to fail there andalready never to get out.

From the point of view of the adult, this fear has ~not the real bases in view of a usual hlipkost of these constructions, ~gradually big holes and frightening prospect which is visible in these from ~verstiya.

But at the child natural this sort of fears are supporteddeeper experiences of early age having almost magicians ~chesky force.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary On a carpet with a construction material Ira plays.

Ira starts to build the steamship, Vladek joins it.

Build together, without arrangin silently.

Putting a brick to a brick, extend a long skeleton of the steamship the usual beginning for construction of steamships in this group, familiar to both children.

Valya approaches, starts to do of bricks in the middle of the steamship any turret.

It is not necessary Vladek speaks.

Bringing down continues to build.

It is not necessary so it is angry Vladek speaks here people will sit, it is not necessary to do so.

It not so does.

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Children Everything can go to a mouth that will get to the kid on a way from a father's tie to a mother's beads.

Be attentive, preserve the child against subjects dangerous to it.

Calm periods During the day the child can have calm periods.

At this time the child indulges in independent games.

Now he can play with itselfhimself for a long time.

Children still like to watch persons, they especially like to consider eyes.

At this time the child starts to be interested in your body and clothes! If the kid wanted to take a nap, surely put it in a bed.

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This support

This support It can be saddened, run into contradictions, mistakes, without noticing it, but the one and only unnoticed mistake is capable to cast it into some kind of insanity, a deadly perversion.

But there is a rescue way, to reason, as well as spirit, support is necessary not to become puzzled.

This support proceeds not from sense organs.

Clarification which will cure a blindness is necessary.

Care of which modern hygiene recommends for a body we we spend for it so much time, clearing and polishing completely, it is necessary also to an inner world that it kept the health and integrity.

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Movings Already

Movings Already Change water in a vase in which you put yesterday flowers.

Change water in a vase where you put yesterday flowers.

Choose from all fabrics a fabric which is most of all similar to your clothes.

Choose from all fabrics that which is most of all similar to your clothes.

Choose among all loose leaves the loose leaf for drawing.

Choose the loose leaf among what use for drawing.

Movings Already in exercises on the analysis the pronoun role in the offer was clearly shown to replace a noun.

Children did the second of the first phrase, replacing a noun with a pronoun.

Movings help to realize a pronoun place in the offer, use options.

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