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From the point

From the point Certainly, similar remarks do not clear up a plot.

From the point of view of psychology, such lessons do not promote training.

Experimental part.

Reading aloud We attach huge significance to intelligent readin but we offer children small books which it is possible to read at first independently, in a whisper, and then, having understood properly the contents aloud, clearly and accurately.

It is surprisin as absolutely simple books so long keep attention of pupils, inspire them to reread simple texts again and again.

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The typical

The typical On a measuregrowing of people loses a children's spontaneity in contacts with ~zhayushchy world.

At it appears own and rather difficultinner world, and also ability to conscious management of theattention which provides possibility of a choice of a place psycho ~logic stay or in itself, or outside in the outside world.

The typical adult aspires to slip away from this the world, where to it in thisthe moment uncomfortably, in another.

And only conscious purposeful workover itself allows it to rise by qualitatively new level of regulationsincere life.

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Drawing is typical

Drawing is typical ~ It is drawing threeyear ~Shurik Ignatyev's chik, published in an album Children of the block ~ draw.

Drawing is typical and at the same time interesting to, how small ~the Torahs, already opened for itself sign function of drawin usesold karakulny forms for the decision absolutely new, already a symbol ~chesky task.

The threeyear starving blockade child tries ~ the attitude to tell that he sees round itselfhimself and aboutthan dreams.

Drawing is called It is war, and in the middle a roll.

Heretwo protagonists.

They express two main ideas.

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To understand, how to operate

To understand, how to operate You are upset with something.

No, it is not upset! Probably, simply angry.

It is very important to child to understand an own condition.

What for At least then, that is highgrade to live it and to be released.

To understand, how to operate the useful and harmful emotions.

That know that the bad it at Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

goes and leaves.

Mother's claims, father's grumble, sobthe stvenny irritation it is temporary, it happens to all,and the love and understanding remain.

And when your young person realizes it, you can really can to help really it.

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Put a chair

Put a chair Put a pencil about a writingbook.

Put a pencil under a writingbook.

Put a green bead in a box.

Put a green bead on a box.

Put beads in the middle of a box.

Put beads between counters.

Put a table opposite to a window.

Put a table near a window.

Series BLay out a red counter from a box.

Put a red counter in a box.

Put a chair at a door.

Put a chair behind a door.

Put the friend opposite to a table.

Put the friend near a table.

Place chairs along a door.

Place chairs opposite to a door.

Put a writingbook over the handle.

Put a writingbook ahead of the handle.

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The child

The child Try to hold a part of wakefulness it on hands in polusidyachy situation.

The child will look with great pleasure at subjects surrounding it.

Loud sounds can frighten the kid, but sometimes it with astonishment looks around for a sound source.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a stomach, can hold the head of degrees lifted at an angle within several seconds the muscular tone increasesSense organs and reflexes shudders at unexpected noiseIntellectual development watches movements of the hands Social development is raised in expectation of actions known to it answers with a smile a smile is awake at communication with surrounding people more long Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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