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Speech gradually

Speech gradually Therefore Andryusha from time to time declares A spoon, a talelka not so.

It is necessary the uncle, Alenka.

Mastering by speech has huge value for the different parties of mental development of the child.

Speech gradually becomes the major transmission medium to the child of public experience, management of its activity from adults.

Under the influence of speech mental processes of the child are reconstructed.

However process of mastering by speech, in turn, depends on development of activity of the child, from his perception and thinking.

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So, the child

So, the child Ability to carry a word to subjects designated by them and actions comes to the child far not at once.

At first the understanding belongs to a complete situation, instead of to a concrete subject or action.

So, the child can carry out quite accurately by a word certain actions at communication with one person at all not to react to the same words said by other adult.

If the oneyearold kid at the desire of mother shows a head, a nose, eyes, legs and some other parts of a body, it can not react to a similar request of other people.

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In them features

In them features Results of independent activity, especially the drawings created by the child on a plan are much more important.

So, children's drawings served many researchers as a material for conclusions about the different parties of mental development of the child.

In them features of perception of children and ideas developing at them of represented subjects are expressed.

For example, on drawings it is possible to see, what role in formation of ideas of subjects is played by own actions of the child with these subjects usually in drawings those features with which the child got acquainted in the course of action are emphasized.

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However the known

However the known Gradually graphic images become more and more corresponding to a real subject.

However the known tendency to fixing of habitual graphic images is inherent in children's drawing.

Under certain conditions it turns images into the stiffened templates.

Graphic templates represent very strong educations as they meet elementary requirements of the image and find recognition at surrounding people.

Widespread templates are images of lodges, flowers, trees, etc.

Similar templates possess surprising survivability for decades they pass from father to son.

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The special

The special Toys as a lever on the moral party of the identity of the child.

The special place among toys is occupied by dolls and images of animals bears, hares, monkeys, cats, etc.

Originally the child carries out only those actions which it accepts the adult with a doll swings a doll, carries it in a carriage, puts in a bed.

It first of all podrazhatelny actions, instead of image of the relations of adults.

Further the adult offers the child a doll or a toy animal as object for emotional communication.

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Joint efforts

Joint efforts Joint efforts they quickly find atcollar mass of remarkable properties with which children would like right there ~.

It appeared that it is possible to go for a drive on the gate which has been built in gate,it is possible to climb to the very top of gate, it is possible to squeeze through their lattice thereand back, and as the area of gate bi on them can at the same timeto hang all children's company.

From these general opening children quickly passedto research of that it is possible to take from game with gate personally for itselfit is possible to go for a drive on them with bigger or smaller speed and scope, beauty ~ itself, it is possible to creak a gate what other children did not guess, it is possibleto hang on a crossbeam of gate headfirst and even blindly,causing admiration and envy of friends the courage.

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