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An inferiority

An inferiority At the child the inferiority complex, feeling of the insolvency can be developed.

An inferiority complex one of the most difficult moral shortcomings of the person complicating his communication with other people and creating heavy internal health burdening the person.

Origin of negative personal educations.

In moral development, as well as in everyone the friend, carries out conflict of opposites.

Our life experience is escaped often by possibility of direct supervision of what values of human culture define positive achievements of the personality as there is a conflict of opposites and how in the personality there are negative educations.

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Write, read

Write, read Children always would like somethin and it is more, more, but it is necessary for us to teach them to a reasonable choice, he still very much is useful in life.

Make the list of such hoteniye.

If the young person himself is not able to write yet write under his dictation.

Write, read that already wrote down, ask that it would be necessary to write down still, correct at his desire.

If the person is able to write let itself and writes down.

Tell I want to orient, I would like to know how to plan our purchases, Think that you would like most of all, and write down.

Let writes to a column, at numbers.

Let brings there everything everythingeverything that it would be desirable to get.

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These recommendations

These recommendations The kid should sleep on a back or on one side.

These recommendations were based on long researches which showed that children sleeping on a stomach, are more subject emergence of a syndrome of sudden infantile death.

After there were these recommendations, the number of children who have died of a syndrome of sudden infantile death was reduced by %.

For tranquillity finding in this question discuss it with the pediatrist.

Keep a bed of the child in order.

In a cot there should not be protective rugs, pillows, blankets, toys and other subjects.

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I never was interested

I never was interested Konradtkak children adjust otosheniye with a landscapeI walked generally on the gulf.

It was still when there was a groveand trees ashore.

In a grove there were many interesting places.

To everyone I thought upthe name.

Also there were many paths confused, as a labyrinth.

All my campaignswere limited to the nature.

I never was interested in houses.

Perhaps, it is uniform ~the front door of my house in the city with two doors was a stvenny exception.

As entrance in the house was two, this was closed.

The front door was light, howled ~zhenny blue tiles also made impression of the glazed hall and ~vavshy freedom to imaginations.

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In any case

In any case At inversion intonation, sense changes.

Black pencil Pencil black Tall person of People high The teacher shifts cards, he notices, as far as these movings carry away the child.

In any case children have a consciousness of a usual place of an adjective in the offer.

This important grammatical knowledge.

Terminations The following exercise is connected with the terminations and helps to realize properties of an adjective.

Two series on adjectives in everyone masculine genders, female, averages and in plural and two more series on adjectives in all patrimonial and numerical forms.

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It consists

It consists Even if to lower a question of their low level of the artexecutions, there will be the main problem.

It consists that all this ispurchased, and therefore involves undesirable consequences.

Vo~pervykh, a choice of objects of a collecting is made not ~ children according to their psychological requirements, and infusion ~ it is imposed to them from the outside by means of advertizing.

It no other than GRU ~by manipulation with consciousness of children, especially dangerous that children's consciousnessthere is in a condition of formation and during this age period a wasp ~to Benno it is subject to influence of social standards.

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