My class is pleasant

My class is pleasantMovings If we clean a card with the union, we destroy communication between words and parts of the offer, so, let to the child possibility know an union role.

Bring the handle and a pencil.

Bring the handle or a pencil.

Bring the handle a pencil.

You can silently press a piano key if you will make it slowly.

You can silently press a piano key, will make it slowly.

My class is pleasant to me, because it beautiful.

My class because is pleasant to me, it beautiful.

Lessons and orders of a subject the unionsUnions and, or, …, but connectin dividin adversative.

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Nobody can prepare

Nobody can prepare Rather will have similar qualities what internal life developed normally, according to laws of the provident nature, being organized and forming the personality.

To be ready to fight means not to fight since the birth, but strong Strong to be always more vigorous.

Heroes become, only having made heroic effort.

The tests expecting us in life, are unpredictable, unexpected.

Nobody can prepare us for it outright.

Only the strong soul is ready to everything.

To provide normal development to a growing organism, it is necessary to give that corresponds to momentary internal requirement.

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  • Put a chair
  • The main
  • From the point
  • Store matches
  • It is not necessary
  • However the known
  • An inferiority
  • Who has these
  • But the speech