The first

The first However from time to time, having been satiated with own game, the kid starts to look at how other child plays.

Interest to game of the contemporary just also leads to attempts of establishment of a certain relationship.

The first forms of relationship are shown in aspiration of the child to come nearer to anotherto the child to play with it nearby, in desire to concede a part of the place occupied for the game, in the timid smile, presented to another the moment when children will meet the eyes.

Such light contacts yet do not change the being of game each child plays in itself, whenever possible observing discipline of distance.

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Who has these

Who has these Ittreats and other sections.

Thus, it is possible to define experimentally with accuracy of which I and did not dream, tendencies of children and, having provided them the necessary material, to judge depending on age level of their intellectual development.

Means, it is possible to define precisely development tools, to establish true compliance between incentives and internal needs of pupils.

Who has these incentives, will easily manage to keep natural development of mental life of the child and to create free school.

Developing materials are necessary only asway beginning Organizing the external developing environment, we should keep a material print of internal development.

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Therefore Buratino

Therefore Buratino Therefore Buratino and Snow White always good, kind, fair and honest, and Karabas and Sorcerer bad, malicious, unfair and false.

It is interesting that in fairy tales heroes do not bear in themselves all set of positive lines which the child then to it attributes as well as villains have no big set of negative fig.

Thanks to that that dolls heroes of fairy tales bear in themselves an etalonnost of moral shape, the child focuses to it all the moral experience and loses plots with problem situations of the interpersonal relations.

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Glowworm Twirled it wheels.

The cheerful small yellow bus went to roll the passengers.

Glowworm and sphere of the public relations After three years the child starts to master the sphere actively human relations.

It, perhaps, most, difficult part of the world, which it is necessary to adapt to the kid – the sphere public, the social.

How the young person will be entered in it, finally depends, in what relations it will be with the world of people and with the inner world.

He should know how to make that or it.

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The main

The mainEmpirical material on the basis of which these conclusions, with ~ become during the long period which has been stretched almost for years.

The main methods of collection of information were the included supervision forbehavior of children in a natural situation, long deep an inter ~I twist with children and the adults remembering the childhood, written time ~vernuty answers of informants to the questions put by me all in thisto work more than hundred people took part.

Naturally, to it predshestvo ~shaft careful psychological analysis and my own nurseries ~pominaniye which is usually necessary in similar research.

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