He answered

He answered So, one first grader could not answer a question in any way, how many will be, if to one to add one more.

He answered that five, three, ten.

But when for it set purely practical task How many will be at you money if the father gave you one ruble and mother one ruble the boy, without reflecting almost, answered Certainly, two! We know that formation of steady shsmshntchchshny interests is promoted by conditions of systematic preschool training.

However even in these conditions the part of children intellectual passivity, and for its overcoming is required profound individual work with the child.

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In reactions

In reactions Everyday supervision confirm,that in each of these versions, whatever wild it seemed first,there is a grain of truth.

In particular, the validity of some versions from ~ proves to be true remarks of passing by children of adults andstatements of women which talked on a bench.

In reactions of these people of the interested observer first of allstrike two moments.

Vo~pervykh, this frank disrespect for the child.

It is a deep basis of unwillingness of adults to rise into place ~the benka, at least for an instant to be identified with it to understand itrequirements and motives of its acts and actions.

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Spices and chocolate

Spices and chocolate Other aspects.

If you nurse the child, it is necessary to pay attention to products which you eat.

Many food components arriving with parent milk, can cause feeling sick of the child.

Spices and chocolate which are eaten by mother, can cause disorder of digestion in the child.

Caffeine in chest milk can result in irritability or sleeplessness of the kid.

Spices, chocolate and coffee is only small list of products which can cause undesirable reactions in the child.

Reception of medicines and i feeding.

Research of the majority of medicines specifies that the drugs not compatible to chest feedin is not a lot of.

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TOYS AND GAMES The pediatrist can the river aI to change WEEK a diet and to give to the child the preparations restoring electrolytic balance of an organism, for completion of the lost volume of liquid.

TOYS AND GAMES ON th WEEK The child continues to be trained by means of toys.

Bright colors, the courageous decisions, an interesting structure and a pleasant sound force it to smile and help to study.

The child asks silences.

At this time the child starts to bend a face, to yawn, be capricious or cry.

He was tired of game.

Do not pass this moment.

The child gives you the help to understanding of its problem.

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Haller, an ovulist, the authoritative

Haller, an ovulist, the authoritative They always existed as the created bodies in the ancestors, starting from the very beginnin since the beginning of the beginnings.

Haller, an ovulist, the authoritative physiologist, the author of the wellknown book Elementa physiologiae, resolutely defended the principles Nulla est epigenesis, nulla in corpore animalipars ante aliam facta est,, that is anything new it is impossible to create et omnis simul creatae existunt, any part of a body of an animal is not created before the others, everything was created at the same time.

Having counted up leaning on a bible cosmogony, how many people should contain in Eve, Haller's yaichnik even calls exact number billions.

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